La Botanica del Barrio is a program and project of Felicia ‘Fe’ Montesbotanicadelbarrio_photojoelgarcia
which focuses on sharing, making and documenting wellness ways for and by the people.

La Botanica del Barrio main project is a Rolling Remedios Cart which is an alterNative mobile medicine cart that aims to educate, dialogue and document wellness remedies, recipes, herb and plants uses and Mexican traditional medicine.




The project highlights indigenous and people of color traditional, experiential, cultural and holistic knowledge and aims to make it accessible by creating a location for exchange, sharing, and teaching in non­traditional spaces. The cart specifically aims to make these exchanges more accessible by moving the conversation out of the home and/or traditional botanica or the high priced wellness space, where this knowledge is often held, and into the streets focusing on community and public settings.

The project also features a full line of herbal and holistic health and wellness items first produced by “Ten Fe Botanicals” by Felicia Montes and now transitioning to La Botanica.screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-9-58-24-pm

They include tea blends, glycerites, tinctures, essences, aromatherapy sprays and more currently available at our Botanica (store).

img_4504The Botanica is available for workshops and self care stations.

Fe and fellow holistic  practitioners can also come to your campus or center to share a variety of bilingual wellness workshops including one off’s or series on self and community care, tea and tincture making, stress management, women’s wellness & more.  View more information at our Workshops page.