A variety of wellness workshops and skill shares for varied ages, communities, languages, interests and skill levels. To bring to your campus or center, Choose from our list below or request a personalized version. For more information or to book a workshop, contact us at      *honorariums are requested as an energy exchange.

Self & Community Care Workshop                   

      **Our Most Popular Workshop**


The workshop will introduce a wellness “buffet” of natural and holistic healing methods, plants and traditions and bring forth the experiential knowledge that the participants in the circle have including family and home recipes, remedios, etc.

Option: We can create and take home personalized tea blends for our health and healing needs.

*This can be specialized for students, LGTBQI, Activists, Spanish Speaking only, etc.

Other Titles w/ Similar Content:

  • Radical Self and Community Care
  • Radical Self and Community Care for Trying Times
  • Self Care for Students
  • Self Care for Activists
  • Decolonizing Healing: Ancestral and Abuelita Knowledge


*Full Series options also available (see below)

La Cultura Cura – Community Wellness Series

(All are separate workshops/classes that can be done in series or individually)


  1. Tea Blends are Your Friends
  2. The Art of Aromatherapy
  3. Health is Wealth: Immune Support Builders
  4. Brujas Brew 1: How to Make Tinctures & Glycerites (2 classes – 1 month apart)
  5. Brujas Brew 2: How to Process tinctures & Glycerites
  6. Essential Essences (flower and gem essences)
  7. Ways to Womb Wellness

*All Workshops Can be done bilingual or in English or Spanish only.

MORE ABOUT La Cultura Cura Series:

Tea Blends are Your Friends 12417732_1013329718737938_8922770801853958931_n

Learn about different commonly used herbs and their medicinal qualities. Make your own tea blend of herbs for special needs (calming, uplifting, vitamins, digestion, womb wellness, etc.).


All participants will blend and take home their own tea blend as well as take part in tea tasting and meditation.

The Art of Aromatherapy

An introduction to Aromatherapy and uses of essential oils for overall wellness in mind, body, spirit as well as home, office and life. Various essential oils will be introduced as well as how to use them for daily or special use. By request: Participants can create their own special aromatherapy spray blend to take home.

Health is Wealth: Immune Support Builders

An Introduction to using herbs and essential oils for immune building and cutting cold/flu. We will discuss 3 folk remedies, elderberry cordial, fire cider, thieves, and sprays and ways to cleanse the air, area, self. We will create elderberry syrup for all to take home a small oz.

Brujas Brew 1: How to Make Tinctures & Glycerites (2 classes – 1 month apart)

13179247_1042094499194793_3055628288501459215_nLearn how to make your own tinctures and glycerites in the folk method.

Brujas Brew 2: How to Process tinctures & Glycerites

Learn how to process and bottle your own tinctures and glycerites in the folk method.

Essential Essences (flower and gem essences)

Learn how to make your own flower and gem essences. This process takes at least 3 hours– so info will be shown on how to do create one. Only if we have 4 hours can we do a full process. Flower essence blends will be created based on Bach’s flower blends.

Ways to Womb Wellness 15542029_1246119562125618_4862857463777840807_n

An introduction to herbs, steams, and menstruation practices for womb wellness.  This is a very basic 101 introduction for all. Can be geared to young womxn/teens. Full practices are not shared or done in the workshop, but an introduction about the possible and different ways toward womb wellness which include menstruation product alternatives, herbal teas, peristeams, massage and more.


Decolonizing and Decentralizing Healing Ways: Ancestral and Abuelita Knowledge for Today  

12122827_928763797171202_5397426641319120652_nThis workshop will focus on deconstructing the structures and institutions that are barriers to health and wellness in our communities as well as seeking alternative wellness methods including herbalism and other ways of knowing and healing. We will begin to connect the dots and cycles of life by sharing about indigenous traditional ways of healing and how each of us can connect to our roots and decolonize health and medicine. The workshop will introduce natural and holistic healing methods, plants and traditions and bring forth the experiential knowledge that the participants in the circle have including family and home recipes, remedios, etc. We will also create and take home personalized tea blends for our health and healing needs and encourage all to continue this path of healing and share with others.

A Healing Journey – Finding Purpose

15056226_1204091412995100_9038747013260843946_nA platica/presentation on a path towards wellness and healing. Sharing about childhood, struggles and path within and out of political & spiritual movements, Felicia Montes shares her personal struggle to find herself and connects it to our many commonalities and who we really are, our passions and our purpose. This presentation specifically shares different ways of knowing and healing that I have been a part of and what each has brought to me as an urban women of color. Presentation usually follows with a talking circle for those in attendance to also share.

Journey to Sobriety

This talk will share about a women of color’s personal journey to sobriety as a young Chicana women living in Los Angeles. It will speak to ways to gain support and begin the process to sobriety and indigenous traditions and ways of healing.This workshop will speak about how sobriety and wellbriety (a term that will be introduced) allow us to live deeper and richer lives. Many want healthy communities and to empower our communities, so we will start with ourselves. Fe has been called to share her story and also share alterNatives. This talk is suggested to also share time for a full talking circle with all participants.

Cultura Cura Circles: Culturally based Holistic Talking Circles for Ourselves & our Community

14203189_1109267079120872_5125024964453459764_nBased on indigenous and ancestral ways of relating with each other, these circles allow groups and individuals to open up to each other and to the sacred within us all.    The circle encourages dialogue, respect, sharing, and learning among members of a group and values the interconnected culture, teachings and knowledge of all especially that of Indigenous ways.  The symbolism of the circle, with no beginning and with no one in a position of prominence, serves to encourage people to speak freely and honestly in a safe space.

Far away?  Virtual Workshops Are the Answer!


Consider a Virtual Workshop via Skype or Google Hangouts as other universities and centers have. Contact La Botanica for more information.

Partial List of Campus/Centers these workshops have been presented:

USC, Cal State LA, ,Occidental College, YWCA, Self Help Graphics, CARECEN, Roosevelt High School, UC Davis, Pacoima City Hall, UndocuHealth Conference and more.